Vision statement

The Commerce Students’ Council aims to be a visible, accessible council – rooted in servanthood and integrity – committed to advancing the academic interests of all commerce students; and providing opportunities that holistically develop and empower commerce students to be multifaceted agents ready for the outside world. 

Mission statement

The Commerce Students' Council is committed to developing commerce students intellectually, academically and professionally by exposing them to different opportunities, hosting events and holding faculty management accountable on their behalf. 

Core values 

  • Integrity: acting in an honest, fair, and ethical manner, creating a culture of trust evident in all our activities and decision making. 
  • Service: putting personal interests aside in serving the commerce students. 
  • Accountability: holding each other accountable for performance. 
  • Respect: embracing diversity and treating each other collegially with civility, openness, and professionalism in all formal interactions, activities, and decision making. 
  • Objectivity: participating without bias or prejudice in all interactions, activities and decision making. 
  • Collaboration: working toward common goals while valuing teamwork and diversity of ideas and perspectives.