• What 4-year degrees or qualifications are regarded as acceptable for admission to the Master's in Development Policy and Practice?

    The standard requirement is a four-year degree, such as the South African Honours degree.  As degree structures differ from country to country, the university is currently developing a centralised policy for assessing equivalence.  We have submitted the names of the countries we are expecting applications from, for consideration in this process.  If you would like feedback on your qualifications, please supply full details of your degree/s and the university that you graduated from so that we can forward the details to Central Admissions for rating purposes.

  • Is there any kind of payment plan for tuition? When would payment be required and could it be paid over time? 

    There are no payment plans available. An initial payment needs to be made at the beginning of February to enable you to register and the balance needs to be received in full by the end of June.

  • If there are scholarships, would they be awarded for the two years, or would people have to re-apply after one year? 

    The School has a limited number of partial fee only scholarships which can be applied for once you have been offered a place. These are, however, not guaranteed and we strongly urge all prospective students needing funding to seek support from external sources. Scholarships would be awarded for one year with the option of continued support in the second year depending on satisfactory academic performance and availability of funds.

  • When will applicants hear about their selection and scholarship awards?

    Offers of places will be made to successful applicants by the end of November.  The timeline for scholarship awards will be announced in due course.

  • What are the fees for the Master's in Development Policy and Practice?

    2022 Fees:
    South Africa Students, Year 1 – R100,830
    SADC Students, Year 1 – R105,230
    Non-SADC Students, Year 1 – R146, 630.

    South African student, Year 2 – R 106,670.
    SADC Students, Year 2 – R111, 070
    Non-SADC, Year 2 – R152, 470

    Fees escalate by roughly 10% per annum. Final fees for 2023 academic year  will be announced in due course.

  • What are the selection criteria?

    An Honours degree, or its equivalent, as well as five years of professional experience, with an orientation towards public service.

  • How many coursework modules are there?

    There are seven semester-long courses and a research project: 

    • Strategic policy-making for development
    • Policy implementation and the regulation of markets 
    • Topics in development policy
    • Leadership 
    • Ethical Leadership and Public Accountability
    • Research Design and Qualitative Methods Issues in economic development in Africa
    • Research Design and Proposal Development
    • Research Project


  • Are there exams?

    No, all assessments are based on written assignments.