Labour Market Intelligence Partnership Project

The Labour Market Intelligence Partnership (LMIP), was formally launched in September 2012 by the Minister of Higher Education and Training, and focuses on creating a credible labour market intelligence framework to ensure better information gathering, analysis and overall systems synergy. The DPRU is a key research partner, and has partnered with, amongst others, the Human Sciences Research Council and the University of the Witwatersrand, in a consortium reporting to and funded by the Department of Higher Education and Training.

The DPRU was involved in the sector studies included in Theme 3: such as skills biased labour demand, the New Growth Path, SETA Labour Markets, the Informal Sector and Human Capital Accumulation and Pro-poor Growth.

Funder: Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC)

Project Outputs:
- Report #1: Occupational Shifts and Shortages: Skills Challenges Facing the South African Economy

- Policy Brief #3: Occupational Shifts and Skills Challenges Facing the South African Economy

- Policy Roundtable #1: Skills, Technology and Capital Intensity: Employment & Wage Shifts in post-apartheid South Africa

- Report #3: Growth, Employment and Skills: The New Growth Path Revisited

- Report #5: Higher Education, Employment, and Economic Growth: Exploring the Interactions

- Working paper #10: Studies of selected priority sectors in the South African labour market: a proposed research programme

- Report #24: The Returns to Training and the Determinants of Training Expenditure: The case of manufacturing firms in South Africa

- Report #25: SETA Labour market survey: Case studies of firms' experiences

- Report #26: The Role of Skills and Education in Predicting Micro-enterprise Performance

- Report #28: Temporary employment services in South Africa: Assessing the industry’s economic contribution

- Report #23: The Role of Post-school Education and Training Institutions in Predicting Labour Market Outcomes (FORTHCOMING)

- Report: Skills supply and demand in South Africa, Sept 2016

- Policy Brief: The Role Of Skills And Education In Predicting Micro-Enterprise Performance. (FORTHCOMING).

- Presentation: The sectoral nature of our economic growth trajectory: Three observations

- Presentation: Higher education, employment and economic growth: Exploring the interactions

- Presentation: SETA Labour Market Pilot Survey: Results and Key Learnings, Policy Roundtable 7, 5 August 2015.

Further papers to be published in 2017.