Finance is a modern and exciting discipline and the most popular of the BBusSc specialisations. Two recent trends have fuelled the value of finance as a globally recognised profession and underpin its relevance for the 21st century.

The first is the worldwide move to deregulation and the opening of markets which has coincided with an almost universal appreciation of the importance of capital and investment for growth and prosperity. The second is the phenomenal growth 
in finance theory, computing power and financial research.

The impact has been extreme. There are few businesses today that are not acutely aware of the significance of markets and financial planning for their viability. Finance, as a discipline, is broken down into two primary components: the pricing and valuation of assets (Investments) and the structure and financial decision making of firms (Corporate Finance).

While investment finance takes the perspective of the investor, corporate finance takes the perspective of the investee. There are numerous employment opportunities within both the investment and corporate finance 
fields, and average salaries for many of these jobs have historically been among the highest 
of all industries.