Accounting is the language used to record business transactions. Financial reports are used by investors, management, entrepreneurs, lenders, financial analysts and government bodies. Accountants record transactions and use summarised information to communicate financial information to stakeholders.

It is not necessary to have done Accounting at school if you wish to do  Accounting at UCT. University accounting differs from school accounting in that it focuses on the decisions involved in the preparation of accounts as opposed to the mechanics of recording. Successful accountants can think logically, communicate effectively and enjoy working with people; they behave ethically and have a willingness to develop sound judgement.

An Accounting specialisation is useful for anyone who wishes to prepare for a career in business or in the accounting profession. With this qualification, you will be able to work in any size or type of organisation and in any employment sector in any country. Successful professional accountants must be able to think logically, laterally and strategically.