The Professional Communication Unit (PCU) prepares students for the communication demands of their professions. 

We host the Postgraduate Diploma in Management in Business Communication, which will equip you with the communication skills and knowledge you need to become a valuable asset to any organisation.

We deliver the following service courses to Commerce students:

  • BUS2033F/S - Professional Communication (a course focusing on practical oral and written communication skills for undergraduate students doing the BBusSc or BCom degrees).
  • BUS4034S - Professional Communication (the course taken by final year actuarial science students focussing on professional communication and preparation for the ASSA professional exemption exam, N211). 
  • BUS4092H - Business Research and Communication (the capstone course taken by students doing the Postgraduate Diplomas in Management in Business Communication, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, and Sport).

Semester Study Abroad students may register for BUS2033F/S, subject to the availability of space on the courses.