All students in the EDU will have opportunities to develop leadership skills in various UCT contexts. The leadership development programme will work directly with EDU student leaders to support, assist, and develop needed skills.

Leadership development courses, group support, and leadership coaching are offered to EDU mentors.

In addition to mentorship and tutoring, leadership opportunities also exist in the spheres below:

Induction and Orientation Leaders

The role of a student induction or orientation leader is to facilitate a positive and smooth transition for new students, help them adapt to their new environment and provide them with the information and support they need to succeed in their academic journey.

Open Day Leaders

The role of a university open day leader is to create a positive and informative experience for prospective students and their families. They share information about admission requirements and play a vital role in helping attendees learn about the university, make informed decisions about their academic future, and feel welcomed into the university community.

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