The Faculty of Humanities allows students to be major in economics and one other Humanities subject within a Bachelor of Social Sciences degree. Natural choices of a second major include economic history, (applied) statistics, (applied) mathematics, environmental sciences, philosophy, politics, psychology, sociology and social anthropology. Economic research is increasingly drawing on the discoveries of the other social sciences, while some of these disciplines borrow the methodology of economics. However, another major subject is also permissible.

Entrance Requirements

To be permitted for a major in Economics in a BSocSci Degree, you require Matric Mathematics with a minimum of a Higher Grade D or Standard Grade B (if your high school did not offer HG maths). With these maths requirements, applicants will have to meet the points requirement (minimum 45 points on the Faculty of Humanities scale) and an acceptable PTEEP (Placement Test in English for Educational Purposes) score.

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