Who we are

UCT School Of Economics tutorial system is the largest of its kind at the University. We reach over 3000 students on a weekly basis and work with 120 tutors. The tutor body comprises of talented individuals, ranging from 2nd year students to PhD candidates.

What is the purpose

The programme offers something different to attending lectures or merely reading a textbook. The tutorial programme aims to clarify the grey areas by answering the difficult questions students often tend to have issues with but are reluctant to engage with in big lecture venues. Students love the programme as it allows them to engage and think critically. We believe that the tutorial system plays a huge role in maximizing the potential for all commerce graduates.The goal is to contribute to an institution that produces well-rounded graduates.

What we do

The mission of our tutor body is to educate and nurture the citizens and leaders for our society. We do this through our commitment to the transformative power of a liberal and progressive style of education. Very important to the School of Economics is the progressive and transformative nature of our tutors, who are constantly seeking to adapt to the changing demands of students in innovative manner. Our tutors comprise of students with the brightest minds from Commerce, Engineering, Science, Humanities and Law backgrounds. Our tutors are motivated, driven and competent individuals, who thrive on organization,can handle pressure and deal with situations innovatively whilst boasting positive attitudes. These values are strongly embodied within our department. Most importantly, our tutors are often described as inspirational,organized, efficient, nurturing and passionate.

Our programme begins in the classroom with exposure to new ideas, new ways of understanding and new ways of thinking. We are constantly encouraging our learners to embark on a journey of intellectual transformation. Through a diverse environment, with people who are studying different topics, come from different backgrounds and have evolving identities, intellectual transformation is deepened and conditions for social transformation are created. Our tutorial system encourages active learning and critical thinking in the hope that students will begin to fashion their lives by gaining a sense of what they want to do with their education. We aim to nurture our students so that they can use their gifts and talents to best serve the world.

The success of our tutorial system relies heavily on the relationships established in the classroom as our tutors can relate to many students on many different levels, especially regarding the demands of being a UCT student.

Why should you become a tutor

The time spent in the tutorial system exposes our tutors to many unique and challenging situations. We believe that knowledge of and exposure to these situations allows for personal and professional growth among our tutor body.Being a tutor allows individuals to develop strong professional yet friendly relationships with all parties involved. These skills further emphasize the growth opportunities for tutors by encouraging diverse interaction whilst aiming to constantly maintain a professional outlook on the job at hand. We are confident that The School of Economics Tutorial systems a programme that is exciting and valuable for the overall development of both students and tutors.

What our Head Tutors have to say:

“I, like many other Commerce students,didn’t do Economics at high school. The thought of doing it for four years at university was daunting. It just takes one good tutor to completely change your life. ” - ANEEQAH

“Excellence, drive and passion. These are the words that describe my experience with the school and the reason I applied to be a Tutor and now Head Tutor for the school. It has been one of my most rewarding experiences at UCT to be part of a such team, to lead and serve with these principles - perpetuating excellence.”- MIHLE

“Being able to positively impact people’s mindsets and their beliefs of what they think their abilities are and limitations is what tutoring offers me. As a tutor I believe I was able to unleash the greatness, work ethic and the passion students had towards Economics. For me,  it was a tutor who changed my perspective and enhanced my ability to do more than I thought I could, and that is why I am head tutoring - to inspire, give courage and make students reach above their set limitations through my passion for tutoring. Same way that an apple keeps a doctor away, one successful student keeps me going...” - ENOCH

 “Having been in a variety of tutorials at UCT helped me understand the value that tutors add to courses. But as a head tutor more specifically, you are able to get a clear understanding and true appreciation of the tutorial system as a whole and its impact in supporting students as well as fellow tutors.” - MUBIANA

 “It’s a wonderful feeling knowing that you have helped a student understand Economics and help fuel their passion for the subject. Tutoring brings me so much joy when I see the students face light up when they understand the work” - TJ

 What our Tutors have to say:

“Tutoring Ecos has been the most rewardingexperience during my time at UCT by far! It has improved my own knowledge ofthe subject as well as given me the confidence to speak to a room of people.Not only that, but I have loved making friends with other tutors along theway!” - Eva Bonadei

“First Rule of Economics: Our desires areinsatiable.

Second Rule of Economics: We can only stomach 3 Big Mac’s at a time – DominicToretto