Is a postgraduate diploma in Business Communication [CG041BUS25] the right fit for you?

Whether as a campaign, media, human resources, or public relations manager, or a company spokesperson, negotiator, or communication strategist, you need the ability to curate, manage, present, and disseminate information in engaging, relevant, and appropriate ways. 

With new digital career paths reshaping our world, job opportunities are accelerating at an exponential rate. As a competent and knowledgeable communicator, you will be a valuable asset to any organisation.

The need for well-educated managers at all levels of organisations and within all sectors is well-documented. According to a recent Manpower Talent Shortage survey, organisations find it increasingly challenging to fill managerial positions. A shortage of suitably qualified business and corporate communication managers also exists in South Africa and the continent.
The Postgraduate Diploma in Management in Business Communication allows you to improve and strengthen your understanding of current business and managerial imperatives at micro-and macro-levels. Coupled with this, you will specialise and deepen your knowledge in various sub-disciplines associated with professional communication in the commercial, industrial, and public sectors of the economy.

Where do our graduates go?

Our graduates have found employment in a wide variety of communication-related roles. Such roles include but are not limited to Communications Specialist, Corporate Communications Manager, Campaign Manager, Diversity Specialist, Reputation Manager, Content Strategist, Internal Communications Manager, Spokesperson or Media Liaison and Intercultural Communication Specialist.

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Prescribed curriculum structure

The diploma comprises ten courses totalling 180 NQF credits. 

All students complete three core management courses  (totalling 54 NQF credits). The core courses provide a solid managerial base, common to all the Postgraduate Diplomas in Management.

Plus the following Business Communication courses:

Course code and name     NQF credits     HEQSF level
BUS4104F Business and Corporate Communication 18 8
BUS4105F Intercultural and Diversity Management 18 8
BUS4106F Team Management and Communication 18   8
BUS4107S Persuasion in Multimodal Discourses and Domains 18 8
BUS4108S Campaign Communication and Reputation Management 18 8

Plus two electives (totalling 36 NQF credits) from the list of courses made available to students at registration or as approved by the postgraduate convener. 

Summative Table of courses for the PGDip in Business Communication NQF credits     HEQSF level
3 Core Management courses 54 8
4 Business Communication courses 90 8
2 Elective courses 36   8
Total 180  

For more information on the programme, please refer to the Commerce Postgraduate Handbook.

Contact information: 
Gao Nodoba (Head of Section: Professional Communication Unit)
Tel: 021 650 3048

Nyameka Nongwe (Administrative Assistant)
Tel:  021 650 3409