Should I specialise in Management Studies?

An undergraduate Management Studies degree is useful for anyone who wishes to prepare for a career in the wider business world. It opens the door to a vast array of paths for students to take whether they choose to continue studying or leap straight into working.

Bachelor of Commerce specialising in Management Studies

The BCom in Management Studies is a good fit for students who want to find out which aspects of commerce they enjoy the most, as it is the most flexible degree offered in the faculty. It gives students the ability to discover what they want to get a deeper understanding of during their first and second years of study and make adjustments before their final year.

Bachelor of Business Science specialising in Analytics

The BBusSc in Analytics is an introductory look into a multidisciplinary field that incorporates statistics and computer science while using quantitative skills in business. This degree is offered in collaboration with and is convened by the Department of Statistical Sciences in the Faculty of Science. Students register in the Faculty of Commerce. 

There are a variety of undergraduate options within the sections that fall under management studies.