The School of Management Studies comprises of the following sections:

Actuarial Science

If you are the type of student who enjoys maths, statistics, and finance – especially as they apply to risk management - then an actuarial science qualification might be the choice for you. A lot of people who finish a qualification in this well-established department, eventually become actuaries, however many others found this degree a useful foundation on which to launch a career as an entrepreneur. The Actuarial Science section offers a wide variety of undergraduate options and postgraduate options, that you can find more information about on their website.


If you are the type of student who enjoys outward-facing work, like interaction and leading others as well as presenting ideas effectively then a marketing degree might be the right fit for you, as it gives those who study it strategic insight into one of the most vital components of modern business. Undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in marketing offers a wide variety of opportunities that not only broaden your capabilities and skills but also allows you to specialise in various areas. Some job opportunities for graduates include, but are not limited to, product manager, brand manager, social media marketing manager as well as many more. For more information on the marketing section's programmes, please check out their website.

Organisational Psychology 

If you are the type of student who enjoys working with people and problem-solving in a workplace then a degree in Organisational Psychology might be the right fit for you. To facilitate study in this diverse and dynamic field this section is renowned for its innovative programmes, excellent teaching, and attentive supervision of students.  Qualifications from this section combine the traditional knowledge areas of organisational psychology and human resource management into their undergraduate and postgraduate organisational psychology programmes. For more information on those programmes please visit their website.

Professional Communication Unit (PCU)

Communication is key for any commerce student and the PCU is a very helpful resource in this regard. It has the aim of preparing students for the communicative demands of their professions. This unit offers a host of short and core courses to both undergraduate and postgraduate students throughout the university. For more information on all of PCU's offerings and more, please have a look at their website.

Applied Management 

In 1993 the Section for Applied Management introduced the first of our commerce-based postgraduate diplomas in management. Today it hosts three such diplomas (Entrepreneurship, Sports Management and Marketing) along with a number of independent undergraduate management-oriented service courses. Our postgraduate diplomas aim to provide quality education for anyone seeking to leave UCT with commercial skills, management competencies and insight in the disciplines of Entrepreneurship, Sports Management and Marketing. Please consult their website for more information.