The Commerce Online Curriculum Planner is a new tool in support of students that allows you to:

  1. Learn more about your career options with a Commerce degree.
  2. Access a range of FAQs, including Applications, Campus Directions, Financial Aid and Fees. 
  3. Explore the UCT Lingo! Next time someone talks to you about DP,  a prerequisite or a corequisite, you will know exactly what they mean. 
  4. Browse through the Faculty of Commerce handbook.
  5. Sign in to the Design your academic journey functionality to:
  • Add courses that you have completed to obtain your GPA and student dashboard
  • Add your notes from an advising session with your advisor
  1. Connect to the UCT CARES Chatbot.

Please note that the content displayed on the Online Curriculum Planner is for general information only. It is not intended to be a substitute for academic advice. It is meant to provide information to prospective and current undergraduate students in the Faculty of Commerce and to connect them with student support services on campus. The GPA calculator and the dashboard are meant for informational purposes only and may not reflect your actual GPA and academic progress.