Credit: Blake Woodhams

Photo credit: Blake Woodhams, 2019

Project 1: The Economic Opportunities of Plant Biomass

Prof Haroon Bhorat

Role: Project Leader

“Poverty reduction requires a process of sustained economic growth. Economic growth, in one conception of it, is the process of building complexity through the accumulation of capabilities. A better understanding of the determinants and constraints to economic development through the complexity lens, lies at the heart of this multi-disciplinary programme.”


Kezia Lilenstein François Steenkamp Thobeka Ncanywa

Role: Programme Manager of the CoP Project.


Role: Researcher (expertise: Economic complexity; trade; structural transformation and labour markets).


Role: Researcher (Senior Lecturer in Department of Economics, University of Limpopo)

Chris Rooney Robert Hill Caitlin Allen-Whitehead
Role: Researcher Role: Researcher Role: Researcher
Sarah Marriott Mira Blumberg   
Role: Communications & Marketing Role: Assistance Project Manager  
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Project 2: Identification and evaluation of downstream options for the recovery of value and/or products from fibre producing plants

Prof Dee Bradshaw (Honorary)

Role: Lead researcher: materials engineering, systems design and multi-criteria decision support

“Minerals and Metals are critical to modern life; no carbon neutral economy is possible without them, but society’s perception of mining is mostly negative! However the mining sector has extraordinary potential to help achieve the UNs Global SDGs.”


Jennifer Broadhurst Tapiwa Chimbganda Xihluke Mabasa

Role: Coordinating the downstream material engineering component of the project; contributing knowledge & understanding to the other components in terms of mining-related impacts and challenges.

Role: Engineer and researcher in the Mining & Metals industry

Role: Engineer and Researcher in Sustainable Mineral Resource Development
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Project 3: Post-mining rehabilitation - carrots and sticks in the law

Prof Hanri Mostert

Role: Lead researcher: Legal & Regulatory aspects

"Africa needs lawyers born and trained on this continent to make the laws and negotiate the contracts that will see us get more benefit from our vast natural resources."


Herman Meyer Sandy Paterson Shamila Mpinga

Role: Interdisciplinary Facilitation and Networking

Role: Lead Researcher: Legal & Regulatory Aspects; Environmental Law Specialist

Role: Researcher: Mineral Law in Africa
Anri Heyns Louie Van Schalkwyk Helene Van Niekerk
Role: Researcher: Mineral Law in Africa Role: Researcher (Dept. of Public Law) Role: Researcher
Reneilwe Kgosana Aysha Lotter  
Role: Research Assistant: Mineral Law in Africa Role: Research Assistant  
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Project 4: Can fibre-rich plants serve the joint role of remediation of degraded mine land and fuelling of a multi-product value chain?

Prof Sue Harrison

Role: Lead researcher for the environmental, bio-based products and bioprocess engineering component of the product.

"Biological processes are central to conservation of natural capital while meeting needs of our people."


Michael Solomon Greg Hangone Shilpa Rumjeet

Position: Chairman of Mineral Economics Division of the Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy. A mining engineer and expert on mining investment risk, member of the Global Agenda Council for the Future of Mining and Metals of the World Economic Forum.

M.S. Mineral Processing student, School of Chemical Engineering, University of Cape Town

& Senior Lecturer at Cape Peninsula University of Technology

Role: Engineer and Researcher
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CoP Affiliates

Kailash Bhana Mpho Ndaba Rudy Dicks
Position: Chief Director at The Presidency. Head  of the Secretariat for the Inter-Ministerial Committee for the Revitalisation of Distressed Mining Communities at the Department of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation (DPME). Position: Senior Sector Expert for the Economy and Inclusive Growth, in the Department of Planning Monitoring and Evaluation in the South African Presidency Position: Outcomes Facilitator: Employment through Inclusive Growth, in the Department of Planning Monitoring and Evaluation in the South African Presidency
Dionne Miles    
Role: Post-award support and oversight, sourcing further funding opportunities (e.g. GCRF).    
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2018 & 2019 Project Members


Prof Dee Bradshaw 

Role: Lead researcher: materials engineering, systems design and multi-criteria decision support

Toughedah Jacobs - Project Manager (Development Policy Research Unit)
Bernelle Verster - Coordinating the environmental component of the project, as well as participating in technical research of this component.
Mumbi Kimani - Researcher, Economics (DPRU) Bernard Kengni - Legal Researcher
(Dept. of Public Law)
Safia Khan - Researcher, Economics (DPRU)
Prince Destiny Ugo - Researcher, Engineering

Cheri YoungLegal Researcher,
Honorary Research Affiliate (MLiA Chair)