Our goal in CoP phase II, is to identify a set of frontier products or diversification opportunities, to inform and build the post-mine economy, and develop policy recommendations towards the SDGs.

On identifying frontier products, we use the MMIP framework to develop multi-product value chains build around the identified products. This involves a conceptual approach to solving environmental, economic and social challenges in a holistic multi-disciplinary manner to inform economic, industrial and environmental policy and practice in South Africa. The conceptual and analytical tools employed in CoPII include:

  • Economic complexity
  • The product space network
  • The multi-product biorefinery
  • Process development
  • Integrative legal frameworks

The criteria for frontier product selection include the nature of the product and its value chain, and labour intensive production. It also needs to be an environmentally sustainable green product, that is water-wise, with mining potential or relevance and export potential.

CoPII SARChI Chairs: