DPRU, Economics

Prof Haroon Bhorat

Role: Project Leader


Kezia Lilenstein François Steenkamp Mira Blumberg

Role: Programme Manager of the CoP Project.


Role: Researcher (expertise: Economic complexity; trade; structural transformation and labour markets).


Role: Assistant Project Manager


Robert Hill Caitlin Allen-Whitehead Sarah Marriott
Role: Researcher Role: Researcher

Role: Communications & Marketing


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MtM, Engineering

Prof. Jennifer Broadhurst Tapiwa Chimbganda  
Role: Coordinating the downstream material engineering component of the project; contributing knowledge & understanding to the other components in terms of mining-related impacts and challenges Role: Engineer and researcher in the Mining & Metals industry  
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MLiA, Law

Prof Hanri Mostert Bernard Kengni  

Role: Lead researcher: Legal & Regulatory aspects


Role: Postdoctoral Research Fellow, MLiA  
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CeBER, Engineering

Prof Sue Harrison Shilpa Rumjeet  

Role: Lead researcher for the environmental, bio-based products and bioprocess engineering component of the product.

Role: Engineer and Researcher

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