Re-Imagining Post-Coal Futures for a Local Green Energy Transition

Monday 7 November 2022 | 09h00-14h00 SAST | Hybrid



The Resilient Futures CoP (Phase 2) was pleased to invite policy-makers, academics, and industry stakeholders to this hybrid event. The objective of this cross-disciplinary research is to explore the industrial diversification opportunities that can be leveraged off mineral wealth, mine land and waste in South Africa, so as to advance the green transition – whilst simultaneously creating resilient post-coal futures, particularly in mining-intensive regions.

The programme included CoP researchers and guest speaker experts:

  • Can SA’s mineral wealth be leveraged for the transition? A Manganese case study through the lens of economic complexity
    Using the case study of Manganese, this paper explores the potential for South Africa to feasibly leverage off its mineral wealth and drive industrial growth toward products that advance the transition toward a low carbon future and build economic complexity.
    DOWNLOAD SLIDES: François Steenkamp (DPRU, UCT) & Tapiwa Chimbganda (MtM, UCT)
  • Coal Mine Legacies and the Just Transition: Towards Regenerative Post-Coal Futures in Mpumalanga, South Africa
    This paper explores opportunities for transitioning away from coal in a manner that is not only environmentally and socially responsible, but also consistent with a regenerative and circular economy.
    DOWNLOAD SLIDES: Jennifer Broadhurst (MtM, UCT), Shilpa Rumjeet (CeBER, UCT) & Bernard Kengni (MLiA, UCT)

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