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26 Jan 2021
26 Jan 2021


Professor Carlos Lopes mainstream media interviews – his interviews cover topics such as Africa's ability to access green technology, the African Continental Free Trade Area, the ongoing pressures the COVID-19 pandemic puts on Africa, and so much more about the structural transformation and global economy. 
Lopes is an Honorary Professor at the Mandela School and current AU High Representative to support the Member States in the negotiation of a new agreement with the European Union post-2020 and a member of the organisation's Reform Team, led by Rwanda President Paul Kagame. He is a Visiting Professor at Sciences Po, Paris, and serves in several Boards, including Geneva's Graduate Institute and Waterloo University in Canada.
Here are some of the latest research papers, news articles, TV interviews, podcasts and radio interviews:


Lopes C. (2021) Could This Be the African Century?. In: Wang H., Michie A. (eds) Consensus or Conflict?. China and Globalization. Springer, Singapore. 

The book is available and can be downloaded from here.

Africa's Voices: Messages for the COP, African Climate Foundation, Soundcloud, 30 October

You can listen by following this link.

Google's $1bn Africa investment sparks tax debate, African Business, 8 October

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France to redirect 20% of its SDR to Africa, CNBC Africa, 5 October

Watch interview from here.

Dialogue with Thomas Piketty : «pourquoi l'Afrique ne doit pas se résigner aux inégalités», Programme Éco d'ici éco d'ailleurs, RFI, 2 October

Listen to the podcast.

O futuro do multilateralismo e a cooperação global no século XXI, Masterclass at Universidade de São Paulo, 1 October

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Carlos Lopes: «Le désir de transformation égalitaire en Afrique s’est épuisé petit à petit», RFI, 1 October

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The world needs a different type of ambition,  (first published by University of Cape Town News), 30 September

Read the blog here.

Colonialismo tardio e dados imprecisos aprofundam diferenças entre países lusófonos, Folha de São Paulo, 29 September

Article can be downloaded from here.

Dizemos que Angola está bem economicamente se Angola conseguir pagar o seu serviço de dívida, Expansão,  Luanda, 25 September

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Présentation de « L’Afrique est l’avenir du monde », L’Afrique des idées think-tank, Paris, 29 September

Watch interview here.

Has foreign aid crippled or benefited Africa?, Debating Africa, 23 September

The interview can be viewed here.

UCT SDG Summit concluding remarks: the Africa we want, University of Cape Town, 15 September

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Expert interview: Economics, in Brosig, M. 2021, Africa in a Changing Global Order, London: Palgrave 

You can read a chapter from this book now.

Prof Carlos Lopes fala do seu Livro África em Transformação, Mercados Africanos, 26 August 2021

This inteview can be viewed from here.

Grande Entrevista África, RDP Africa, 24 August 2021

Grande Entrevista África, RTP (Portuguese public TV), 22 August 2021

Watch interview here.

Rich countries want to strike trade deals in Africa, The Economist, 21 August 2021

Find PDF attachment here.

Is Africa Headed for a Financial Crisis?, Foreign Policy, 10 August 2021

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Afrique et pandémie: les moins infectés sont les plus touchés,  Le Temps,  Geneva, 5 August 2021
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Blog post written by Prof Carlos Lopes for United Nations DESA - Adjusting Multilateralism to the 21st Century, first published in “Development Cooperation in the Decade of Action
Reduce risk. Enable recovery. Build resilience.”

Africa has a great strategic plan: now it needs to roll up its sleeves and take action, The Conversation, 29 July 2021

Tumultos, mortes e pilhagens: a primeira guerra interna na África do Sul que não é racial, Podcast Africa Agora, Expresso, 23 July 2021

Listen to the podcast here.

Are powerful economies increasingly interested in Africa's private sector?, CNBC Africa, 21 July 2021

You can view Prof Lopes' answers from here.

Watch Prof Lopes' presetation at 7th Regulating for Decent Work Conference, Dialogue with Richard Samans, Jayati Gosh and Juliet Schor, ILO, July 9 2021

Africa sabe lo que quiere, first published by Politica Exterior, Madrid, 1 July 2021

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How will Biden’s proposed global corporate tax affect Africa ?, CNBC Africa, 15 June 2021

In this interview, Prof Carlos Lopes gives an overview of the proposed global corporate tax and how it affects Africa.

Recuperação econômica - um desafio para a África, Forum Ethos, São Paulo, 13 June 2021

Watch the interview here.

Professor Carlos Lopes participated in a high-level event and the first Africa Roundtable hosted by Global Perspective Initiative (GPI), 9 June 2021
The Africa Roundtable is a new forum for decision-makers from politics, business and society on European-African cooperation.

Watch the discussion on Covid-19 Recovery and Green Transition.

Special Drawing Rights: are they sufficient for Africa’s recovery, CNBC Africa, 3 June 2021

Find out more from this interview with Prof Lopes.

Prof Carlos Lopes took part in Africa Day Climate Dialogue and Strategic Framework launch hosted by African Climate Foundation, 25 May 2021

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L’actualité vue par Carlos Lopes : on traite le Tchad en exception, Jeune Afrique, 30 May

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Building an EU-Africa partnership of equals, Kathmandu Post, 30 May 2021

Article available here.

Fixação europeia nos fluxos ilegais confunde a verdade das migrações, Jornal de Angola, 25 May 2021

Interview available from here.

A Europa não deu um euro adicional pra o combate à pandemia, main Portuguese public broadcaster RTP, 24 May 2021

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Cinco continentes: la situación de Africa después de la pandemia (’28), Radio Nacional de España, RTVE, 23 May 2021

Listen to the podcast.

Et Si vous me disiez toute la vérité Carlos Lopes, TV5 Monde, 23 May 2021

Watch from here.

Macron and Africa : the good, the less good and the dangerous, The Africa Report, 18 May  2021

Article can be accessed here.

Cimeira de Paris não vai resolver os problemas de África, RFI português, 18 May 2021

Article available from here.

Economies africaines: quelles solutions pour la relance?, France24, 17 May 2021

You may watch the interview from here.

Macron et l’Afrique : le bon, le moins bon et le dangereux, Jeune Afrique, 16 May 2021

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Africa, a new role model, HEC Paris Business School, 11 May 2021

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Development Cooperation Forum Spotlight, United Nations, 6 May 2021

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Interview with Prof Carlos Lopes on Portuguese TV broadcaster RTP, 23 April 2021

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Afrotopia, Saison Africa 2020,  Le Lieu Unique, Nantes, 13 April 2021

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Africa Summit hosted by Princeton University, 9 April 2021

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How Africa can find its place

Interview with Prof Carlos Lopes published by New African magazine, 27 March 2021

Read the full article from here

In-depth Analysis:  Common but Different: Africa and Europe’s climate responsibilities

Published by ACCORD, 24 March 2021

Written by Prof Carlos Lopes

Read the full article from here

 Op-Ed:  A New Path for U.S.-Africa Climate Relations

Pubilshed on Newsweek, 10 March 2021

Written by Prof Carlos Lopes

Read the opinion piece here

COVID-19 and Africa: How to Emerge from the Crisis?

The Graduate Institute Geneva | Discussion with the distinguished Graduate Institute alumnus, 9 March 2021

Watch the discussion from here

Africa borrows the least in the world, 8 March 2021

Prof Carlos Lopes did an interview with Hannah Ryder, Development Reimagined CEO

Watch the interview from here

Structural change and youth in Africa, (podcast 46), 5 March 2021

Recorded and produced at the UN Library & Archives Geneva
Professor Carlos Lopes joined online from South Africa, to speak with Francesco Pisano about his latest book: Structural Change in Africa: Misperceptions, New Narratives and Development in the 21st Century, which he authored with George Kararach.

Podcast available from here

How the AfCFTA impacts China-Africa trade relations

Professor Carlos Lopes spoke to CNBC Africa about Africa's largest trading partner, China (18 February 2021)

Watch the interview from here.

Africa Aware: The Economic Burden of COVID-19
Panel of discussion recorded and produced by Chatham House on 28 January 2021
Tighisti Amare, Alex Vines, Carlos Lopes and host: Yusuf Hassan
Podcast available from here

Africa’s make-or-break moment
Published in the Mail & Guardian, posted on Monday,  25 January 2021
Written by Simon Allison
Read the article here.

Competing Interests: The U.S. and China in Africa
Great Decisions FPA TV Show, 20 January 2021

Professor Carlos Lopes share his views from 19:04 until 19:24
Watch from here

Paper: Structural Transformation, Economic Development and Industrialization in Post-Covid-19 Africa

Published in the Institute for New Economic Thinking, posted on Sunday, 14 January 2021

Written by Carlos Lopes and Dirk Willem te Verde

The paper is available here.

‘Orthodoxy in macroeconomics is gone out the window’- Carlos Lopes
Written b
y Patrick Smith
Published in The Africa Report, p
osted on Monday, 11 January 2021 and updated on Wednesday, 13 January 2021
Read the article here.

The Covid-19 crisis presents major opportunities for Africa's structural transformation
In this interview, Camilla Toulmin and Folashadé Soulé speak with Professsor Carlos Lopes
Published by the Institute of New Economic Thinking, Thursday, 7 January 2021
Read the article here.

Europe and Africa need to see eye to eye on climate change
Published in the OECD Development Matters, posted on Monday, 4 January 2021
Written by Prof Carlos Lopes
Read the article here.

For co-ordinating Africa's corporate response to the COVID-19 pandemic, economist Carlos Lopes recognises Econet CEO Strive Masiyiwa
First published by The Continent on 19 December 2020
Read PDF here.

Building an EU-Africa Partnership of Equals
Written by Carlos Lopes
Published by Project Syndicate on 4 December 2020
You can read the article from here.