Assoc Prof Djiby Thiam


Djiby Racine Thiam is an Associate Professor in Economics at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. His research focuses on resources and environmental economics, water resources economics, agricultural economics, and development economics.

He has coordinated various research projects in water and resources economics, development economics, and agricultural economics. He leads a research team of postdocs, PhD and Masters students, all working on various issues related to water, development, and resources economics applied in South Africa and Africa as a continent. His work covers the Limpopo River Basin, where he looks at (i) the efficiency of water use in agriculture, (ii) the factors that drive adoption of index-based drought insurances in the basin, (iii) the evolution of the hydrological cycle of the basin under various climate and socio-ecological changes, and (iv) the questions of land subsidence that affects groundwater management and water supply infrastructure planning.

Djiby is Lead Environmental Scientist Consultant for the World Bank. He has also consulted for the African Development Bank and African governments on issues related to production economics and natural resources management.