Who should do the BCom Honours specialising in Quantitative Finance [CH001BUS09]?

This degree is for graduates who have completed the BCom (Actuarial Science) specialising in Quantitative Finance degree at UCT and achieved a minimum mark of 60% for both FTX3044F and FTX3045S. 

What you can expect: The programme - which is one year of full-time study long in duration - consists of coursework and a Quantitative Finance research project. 

Compulsory coursework:

Code Course and name NQF Credits     NQF Level
BUS4028F Actuarial Science III: Financial Economics 21 8
FTX4086F Alternative Investments 18 8
BUS4087S Quantitative Finance: Selected Topics 18 8
FTX4056S Applied Investments 18 8
Another approved 4000-level * course 18 8

*Any 18 (or higher) credit course at level 8 for which prerequisites are met. 


Code Course and name NQF Credits NQF Level
BUS4153H Quantitative Finance Project 36 8

For more information about the programme, please refer to the Commerce Postgraduate Handbook.