Do all African countries need just transition partnership deals?

12 Feb 2023 | By George Awuah
Energy Saving OpEd
12 Feb 2023 | By George Awuah

The Just Energy Transition Partnership between South Africa and several international partners has garnered significant global interest, and rightly so.

The deal constitutes a pioneering model for a country-specific, ‘whole-system’ climate finance partnership based on well-formulated country needs, and can potentially mobilise far more funding for South Africa’s energy transition. Read the full article here published by the Daily Maverick and written by George Awuah.

George Awuah is a Research Fellow at the Nelson Mandela  School. He is the Research Lead for the energy transition programme, which is a part of the School’s climate change and sustainable development research stream. George has worked as a researcher with various academic and policy research units in Ghana and South Africa. He also has experience in sustainability consulting as a technical analyst and project coordinator for climate, energy and environmental projects.

 This is the first op-ed in a series of opinion pieces written by the Nelson Mandela School team.