Is a Postgraduate Diploma in Management in Entrepreneurship [CG030BUS03] the right fit for you?

Are you the kind of person who comes up with ideas for new products or services that could make the world a better place?  The Postgraduate Diploma in Management in Entrepreneurship is designed to enable enterprise start-ups. It will link you to the insights, ideas and networks and people that can help you turn your passion for innovation into reality.

Within the context of a rapidly changing and challenging global business environment, an appreciation of competitive advantage is key to the programme, and how to harness the creativity and innovation to achieve this. An entrepreneurial action-based learning framework is applied throughout.

Where do our graduates go?

Many of our graduates start successful businesses, but the programme also equips students with the necessary skills for a broad range of organisational settings. A lot of our graduates, therefore, find themselves working for start-ups, small-cap firms or large corporations.

The Genesis Project

The core course for the programme is The Genesis Project which runs over the entire academic year. In groups of six or seven, students set up and run their own businesses. These are real businesses involving real money. Each group fundraises the start-up capital for their business and works closely with a Board of Directors, chosen from industry - all with a minimum of 5 years of director-level experience. 

The Genesis Project focuses on developing outstanding business leadership and management skills in a highly entrepreneurial context. Students apply the leadership and management theory in an intensive action-learning environment. Through this process, students come to locate their authentic inner voices, learn to be proactive and begin to take on the practice of artistry. These are all constituent parts of the entrepreneurial mindset, a construct better discovered than taught. Collaborative learning accrues through a host of participants, including lecturers, facilitators, volunteer-business people including past graduates, and, most importantly, the students themselves. 

The students compete for the coveted UCT Genesis Award and showcase their businesses at an Expo attended by industry and members of the UCT community. 

Watch Genesis Project videos here:

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Prescribed curriculum structure

The diploma comprises ten courses totalling 180 NQF credits. 

All students complete three core management courses (totalling 54 NQF credits). The core courses provide a solid managerial base, common to all the Postgraduate Diplomas in Management.

Plus the following Entrepreneurship courses:

Course code and name     NQF credits     HEQSF level
BUS4049W Organisational Project (The Genesis Project)    36     8
BUS4078F Entrepreneurial Strategies      18     8
BUS4090F Creativity in Business    18   8
BUS4075S Management Theory in Practice 18 8

 Plus two electives (totalling 36 NQF credits) from the list of courses made available to students at registration, or as approved by the postgraduate convener. 

Summative Table of courses for the PGDip in Entrepreneurship NQF credits     HEQSF level
3 Core Management courses    54     8
4 Entrepreneurial courses    90    8
2 Elective courses 36 8
Total     180  

For more information on the programme, please refer to the Commerce Postgraduate Handbook. 

Contact information: 

Mariam Suliman (Administrative Officer)
Tel: 021 650 7368