Why choose to study a Postgraduate Diploma in Management in Marketing [CG015BUS07]?

Disruptive technology and data intelligence have changed the world of marketing. Today marketing qualifications prepare you for the creative, fast-paced business of promoting, developing and serving unique customer markets. 

Real-world business challenges and developments, academic research and social impact, drive the dynamic world of the marketing discipline. Marketing today is about delivering customer value and managing profitable long-term relationships. Continuous business challenges require marketers to provide superior customer value and leverage innovative capabilities using effective marketing strategies to build and sustain a competitive edge. 

Postgraduate Diploma in Management in Marketing provides specialised studies in the marketing of goods, services, and ideas in the industrial, commercial and public sectors of the South African and global economy. The programme is extremely popular, so early application and a solid academic record is an advantage.

Because of the nature and scope of the diploma, job opportunities are plentiful, both locally and overseas. The programme equips students for marketing-related positions in both the public and private sectors, including advertising, retail, market research, public relations, sales and general management.

Where do our graduates go?

Our graduates have found employment in a wide variety of marketing-related roles, including product manager, brand manager, social media marketing manager, market researcher, marketing representative, sales representative, business analyst, customer relationship manager, advertising and public relations manager. 
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Prescribed curriculum structure

The diploma comprises ten courses totalling 180 NQF credits. 

All students complete three core management courses (totalling 54 NQF credits). The core courses provide a solid managerial base, common to all the Postgraduate Diplomas in Management.

Plus the following Marketing courses:

Course code and name     NQF credits     HEQSF level
BUS4074S E-Marketing 18 8
BUS4018S Retail Management and Services Marketing 18 8
BUS4017S Consumer Behaviour 18   8
BUS4016S Integrated Marketing Communication 18 8
BUS4019S Strategic and International Marketing 18 8

Plus two electives (totalling 36 NQF credits) from the list of courses made available to students at registration, or as approved by the postgraduate convener. 

Summative Table of courses for the PGDip in Marketing NQF credits     HEQSF level
3 Core Management courses 54 8
5 Marketing courses 90 8
2 Elective courses 36   8
Total 180  

For more information on the programme, please refer to the Commerce Postgraduate Handbook. 

Contact information: 
Nashly Langenhoven
Tel: 021 650 3777
Email: nashly.langenhoven@uct.ac.za