Please note: The Postgraduate Diploma in Management specialising in Sport Management will not be offered in 2024.

A hybrid online offering of this programme is currently under development and will be run in 2025. More information about this exciting new offering will be posted on this page as soon as it becomes available. Watch this space!

Is a postgraduate diploma in Sport Management [CG028BUS12], the right fit for you?

Sport, both globally and locally, is a fast-growing industry, requiring qualified professionals in all aspects of its management. 

Whether your interests lie in managing large corporate sponsorships, making your mark in the field of sport development, healthy lifestyles, sports policy, sports for development and peace, promoting new sports, organising competitions and events, being involved in sports broadcasting and media, headhunting in a sports agency, making a splash in sports merchandising, strategy or data analytics, there are numerous opportunities to make a rewarding career in the world of sport.

The Postgraduate Diploma in Management in Sport Management creates the foundation for students to engage in a fantastic range of career choices in the sports industry and have the tools to be innovative in a dynamic environment.

Where do our graduates go?

Our graduates have found employment in a wide variety of sport-related organisations, including sports science and medicine, sports administration (national governing bodies and club), international, national and provincial governing bodies, data analysts, global sports foundations, global events, sponsorship and sport licensing agencies, sport merchandising, outdoor leisure, sports marketing, research, personal fitness training and numerous allied industries.

Find out more about why you should apply, the entrance criteria and duration.  

Prescribed curriculum structure

The diploma comprises eight courses totalling 144 NQF credits. 

All students complete a core management course BUS4000W – Introduction to Applied Marketing, Finance, and Communication for Business (18 NQF credits). This course provides a solid managerial base, common to all the Postgraduate Diplomas in Management.

Plus the following Sport Management courses:

Course code and name     NQF credits     HEQSF level
BUS4035F Introduction to Sport Management 18 8
BUS4094S Events Management 18 8
BUS4039S Sport Management in Practice  18 8
BUS4041S Sport Administration and Business 18   8
BUS4040S The Science of Sport 18 8

Plus two electives (totalling 36 NQF credits) from the list of courses made available to students at registration, or as approved by the postgraduate convener. 

Summative Table of courses for the PGDip in Sport Management    NQF credits     HEQSF level
1 Core Management course 18 8
5 Sport Management courses 90 8
2 Elective courses 36   8
Total 180  

For more information on the programme, please refer to the Commerce Postgraduate Handbook. 

Contact information: 
Mariam Suliman (Administrative Officer)
Tel: 021 650 7368

Dr David Maralack (Convener)