About the programme:

The Bachelor of Commerce Honours specialising in Finance [CH001FTX05] prepares students for participation in the finance industry or for entry to further academic development in finance by exposing them to advanced issues in finance from both practical and theoretical perspectives. As well as mainstream asset classes, they will also become familiar with various alternative investments. 

Who is in charge?

Associate Professor Chun-Sung Huang is the programme convenor.

Do I qualify?

Applicants to the programme must meet the basic entrance requirements, being a Bachelor’s degree from a recognised university with major in Finance or Investment Science. Selection will be on the basis of academic performance and the University’s equity policy. As a general rule, a minimum of 65% in the major subjects would be expected, but this does not necessarily guarantee acceptance to the programme, which also depends on capacity and the quality of competing applications.

How much will it cost?

The provisional course fees are listed in the Fees Handbook.

How do I apply?

Apply online. Applications close on 31 October.


Offered over 1 year of full-time study. Classes commence in February

Prescribed curriculum/programme structure:

Course Code  Course Name         NQF Credits HEQSF Level
FTX4056S Applied Investments  18 8
FTX4057F Applied Corporate Finance 18 8
FTX4052H Finance Honours Research Project 40 8
FTX4086F Alternative Investments 18 8
FTX4087S Topics in Banking and Treasury Management 18 8
Approved electives at NQF level 8 or above         26 8

How am I assessed?

Students must pass every course with at least 50% to qualify. General tests, tutorials and assignments during the year will be weighted 40-50% of the final year mark (as per the departmental entries). Students are also required to complete a major honours research project/thesis (FTX4052H) by the end of the year.

What happens if I fail a course?

Students will not be allowed to repeat core (non-elective) courses. A student whose research report is given a mark of less than 50%, but who is allowed to make changes to the dissertation and resubmit it, will be awarded a maximum mark of 50%. 

Can I get a distinction?

Students with an overall weighted average of at least 75%, and a sub-minimum of 70% for FTX4051H, will be awarded the degree “in the first class”.

For more information on the courses, please refer to Commerce Postgraduate Handbook.