About the programme:

The Master of Commerce specialising in Finance in the field of Corporate Finance and Valuations [CM031FTX14] aims to equip successful candidates with the skills to perform research, analysis and valuations in all the areas of financial management including capital markets, derivatives, corporate finance, accounting and company valuations.

Who is in charge?

Associate Professor Chun-Sung Huang is the programme convenor.

How do I apply?

Apply online. Applications close on 31 October.

How much will it cost?

The provisional course fees are listed in the Fees Handbook.

Entrance requirements:

An honours degree or equivalent plus two years of relevant work experience. Candidates may be required to present themselves for an interview.

Further specific administrative requirements:

A successful interview by Financial Management representatives in the Department of Finance and Tax.


The degree is offered over two years, but many students take until their third year to finish. Any subsequent registration requires faculty approval.

Prescribed curriculum/programme structure: 

Course Code Description HEQF credits HEQF level
FTX5029W Minor Dissertation in Financial Management 60 9
FTX5028W Topics in Financial Management 30 9
FTX5042W Corporate Finance & Valuations 60 9
FTX5043F Capital Markets and Financial Instruments  30 9

For more information on the courses, please refer to Commerce Postgraduate Handbook.