About the programme

The Bachelor of Commerce Honours specialising in Taxation [CH001FTX11] aims to equip students with the necessary tax technical knowledge and skills to bridge the gap between the competencies gleaned through undergraduate studies in domestic taxation and the competencies required for a career in taxation. The programme also aims to develop fundamental research skills and the writing skills and computational skills that would be expected of a proficient tax professional in the workplace.

This programme is proudly approved and associated with the South African Institute of Taxation (SAIT). Successful completion of this qualification may lead to advanced credits on the Occupational Certificate: Tax Professional (SAQA ID:118776) offered by SAIT. Successful completion of the Occupational Certificate may lead to professional body membership and your pathway to becoming a Tax Practitioner. For further information, see SAIT’s website.

There are two components to the programme: a coursework component and a research component. Students have the option of completing the programme over one year, in which case the coursework and the research component (technical report) are completed in the same year, OR over two years with the coursework component being completed in the first year and the research component (technical report) being completed in the second year. Importantly, students who are also working while completing their studies are strongly advised to complete the programme over two years part-time. Full-time students may complete the programme in one year.

Who is in charge?

Rudi Oosthuizen is the programme convenor.

Do I qualify?

Applicants to the programme must meet the entrance requirements‚ being a BCom or BBusSc or equivalent undergraduate degree containing a taxation course(s) in the final year of that degree. In addition‚ academic and/or professional references‚ an entrance exam, or an interview may be required. All candidates are required to submit their curriculum vitae, academic transcript and a motivation letter on application.

How much will it cost?

The provisional course fees are listed in the Fees Handbook.

How do I apply?

Apply online. Applications close on 31 October.

What are the lecture times?

The course starts with an orientation week on campus, during which an introduction to the course takes place, as well as intensive lectures on topics to be covered in the course and student participation in case law discussions. Thereafter there is usually one lecture per week. The lectures are presented via face-to-face sessions on campus and virtual teaching tools. The lectures take place on a Tuesday for up to 3 hours, starting at 15h00. There are also regular Saturday lectures/workshops for up to 4 hours.


This is offered full-time (in 1 year) or part-time (over 2 years) by coursework and technical report.

Prescribed curriculum/programme structure:

Course Code  Course Name         NQF Credits HEQSF Level
FTX4010F Advanced Taxation I  45 8
FTX4036F Research Methods in Taxation 0 8
FTX4037S Advanced Taxation II 45 8
FTX4035W Taxation Technical Report 30 8

How am I assessed?

You must get 50% or more for each course in the programme and a minimum aggregate of 50% overall. Note that FTX4036F does not carry a mark and is simply a pass/fail grade.

What happens if I fail a course?

FTX4010F is a prerequisite for FTX4037S. Should a student fail FTX4010F, that student will be unable to continue with the programme. Courses may not be repeated. No supplementary examinations are permitted. If you score at least 40% on the first attempt for FTX4035W‚, you may resubmit the technical report once.

Can I get a distinction?

The degree may be awarded in the First Class if you have an overall weighted average of at least 75%‚ with a minimum of 70% in both the coursework and the technical report.

For more information on the courses, please refer to Commerce Postgraduate Handbook.

Proudly Associated with SAIT.