Student advisors assist students with overall curriculum planning, degree options, course selection, and career advice. For any course-specific queries, please get in touch with the course convenor or the course administrator directly.

Picture of Cader Abdulla

Cader Abdulla


Tel: 021 650 2260

Office: Leslie Social4.77

Picture of Edward Chamisa

Assoc Prof Edward Chamisa

Associate Professor

Tel: 021 650 4389

Office: Leslie Social, 4.76

Picture of Nomthandazo Jwara

Nomthandazo Jwara


Tel: 021 065 2480

Office: Leslie Social, 4.70

Picture of Akios Majoni

Dr Akios Majoni

Senior Lecturer

Tel: 021 650 2753

Office: Leslie Social4.69

Ayesha Sayed


Tel: 021 650 2290

Office: Leslie Social, 4.78

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Picture of Ryan Kruger

Assoc Prof Ryan Kruger

Associate Professor

Tel: 021 650 2477

Office: Leslie Social, 4.55

Picture of Paul Van Rensburg

Professor Paul Van Rensburg


Tel: 021 650 2481

Office: Leslie Social, 4.60

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Picture of Ailie Charteris

Dr Ailie Charteris

Senior Lecturer

Tel: 021 650 1278

Office: Leslie Social, 4.58

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Assoc Prof Pradeep Brijlal

Associate Professor

Tel: 021 650 5580

Office: Leslie Social, 4.67

Picture of Phillip De Jager

Assoc Prof Phillip De Jager

Associate Professor

Tel: 021 650 2296

Office: Leslie Social, 4.63

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