CD001 FTX05: PhD in Finance - FTX6000W

About the programme

Who is in charge?

The PhD in Finance programme is convened by Associate Professor Chun-Sung Huang.

Do I qualify?

A suitable degree at the Masters level. Acceptance of the programme is dependent on a research proposal being approved and the availability of a supervisor. Provisional candidates will be required to present the proposal to the Departmental PhD Committee, which will decide whether the student's PhD candidacy can be confirmed. The proposal has to be presented within six (6) months of first registration.

How much will it cost?

For information on fees, please see the Fees Handbook.

How do I apply?

Apply online. PhD applications remain open throughout the year.

Programme start date and overall duration

Once an offer has been made, you can register. International students need to comply with national regulations for visas etc. before they are cleared for registration. Registration with the faculty office is an annual requirement. (You are also liable for fees every year.) You may register from 2 January annually but need not renew your registration at the start of each new academic year (mid-Feb). Your access to funding and physical access to the library and labs, etc., is determined by your registration status. You must follow the directions (from your faculty office) to renew your registration.

The annual registration also requires submitting a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) which sets out the expectations of both supervisor and student for the year. It is against this that your progress is assessed annually. Unbroken registration must be maintained from the first registration until graduation. If for exceptional circumstances, your studies are interrupted, you may apply for a leave of absence - this is at the faculty’s discretion.

What will I do on the programme?

A PhD thesis must be an original‚ coherent and consistent body of work that reflects the candidate’s own efforts. The thesis may not be more than 80‚000 words. A candidate will undertake research‚ and such advanced study as may be required, under the guidance of a supervisor or supervisors appointed by the Senate.

Paper requirements to graduate

After the research, the candidate shall submit a thesis for examination. This will occur after receiving an indication from the supervisor that the thesis is acceptable for submission. However, a candidate is barred from a submission without the supervisor's approval. The candidate must inform the Doctoral Degrees Board Officer in writing of their intention.

When must I submit it?

31 January to avoid any additional fees. Students must submit their Intention to Submit six weeks before final submission.

For more information on the courses, please refer to Commerce Postgraduate Handbook.