Organisational Psychology offers first, second and third-year courses across a variety of commerce degrees. Courses are denoted by the course code prefix BUS.

Courses may be a full-course taught over the whole year (W) or a first (F) or second (S) semester course. An H course is a half course but with full contact time over the whole year.
For more information on current courses offered, please see the relevant Commerce Faculty handbook.

To obtain a major in Organisational Psychology, undergraduate students need to complete the following first (F) and second (S) semester courses: 

PSY1004F – Introduction to Psychology (Part 1) 
PSY1005S – Introduction to Psychology (Part 2) 
BUS1007S –Introduction to Organisational Psychology 

BUS2021F – Psychology of Human Resource Management 
BUS2023S – Organisational Behaviour 

BUS3002F – Organisational Learning and Wellness 
BUS3004S – Research Methods 

Humanities students wanting to pursue our Honours in Organisational Psychology are advised to take FTX1005F/S in their undergraduate curriculum.