Associate Professor Sarah Chapman (Director)
Sarah Chapman is the Director of the Institute for Monitoring and Evaluation (IME) and the Deputy Dean of Postgraduate Affairs for the Commerce Faculty. Her areas of expertise include evaluation theory, evaluation design, statistical techniques for the analysis of evaluation data, and monitoring framework development.

As an experienced field evaluator and team leader, Sarah leads evaluations of complex multi-sectoral programmes in over ten African countries.

Professor Suki Goodman (Evaluation Associate)
Suki Goodman is a Professor of Organisational Psychology and the Dean of the Commerce Faculty. Her research foci include organisational and individual learning, work-school enrichment and conflict, and training and programme evaluation.

Dr Carren Duffy (Evaluation Associate)
Dr Carren Duffy is the Head of the Section: Organisational Psychology. Her evaluation interests lie in the areas of training evaluation as well as programme theory.

She has worked collaboratively on several evaluation projects, investigating the design, implementation and immediate short-term outcomes of development programmes implemented in Higher Education institutions.

Dr Adiilah Boodhoo (Evaluation Associate)
Adiilah Boodhoo is the Masters and PhD convenor for Programme Evaluation.  She has extensive experience in Research Methods curriculum design and teaching, supervision of evaluation projects across disciplines, and training of evaluation practitioners.

She is one of the few researchers whose work focuses on comparative investigations of evaluation practices in developing and developed countries. Adiilah is proficient in advanced quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis techniques.