AIFMRM develops the minds that will shape the financial industry to advance society

AIFMRM focuses on Risk Management and Quantitative Finance. AIFMRM is part of the Department of Finance and Tax in the Faculty of Commerce at the University of Cape Town where it conducts research and delivers postgraduate education and training. The Institute was launched in January 2014 and is funded by corporate partners in the banking and insurance sectors.

The Institute aims to:

  • Build capacity and deepen skills and capabilities in the financial industry;
  • Diversify the body of financial practitioners and open the fields of risk management and quantitative finance to people from a range of backgrounds;
  • Drive research, shape discussion and promote enquiry;
  • Advance scholarship and develop the next generation of African academics dedicated to rigorous, industry-specific research;
  • Develop and deliver postgraduate programmes that are relevant, intensive and effective;

Partnerships and collaborations

The Institute has partnerships and collaborations with the following institutions: Georgia State University, University of Technology Sydney, University College London, and ETH Zürich.