The Marketing Section in the School of Management Studies has partnered with Neural Sense™ to offer a fully paid two-year Master’s Scholarship Programme specialising in Consumer Neuroscience.

If you would like to apply, please watch the video below and kindly take note of the important information relating to the entrance requirements and application process for this exciting scholarship programme, which closes on 30 November 2023.

Please note that only two candidates will qualify for the scholarship programme. If your application for the scholarship programme is unsuccessful, it does not affect your application from being considered for admittance into the Master's in Marketing specialising in Consumer Neuroscience (at your own cost) if you successfully complete the application process and meet the entrance requirements. Spaces on the Consumer Neuroscience Master’s programme are highly competitive and are limited due to capacity constraints.

Watch: Consumer Neuroscience Master’s Scholarship Programme video

About the degree

We only offer a full research-based Master's degree by dissertation. Students register for either a Master of Business Science degree [CM009] or a Master of Commerce degree [CM010] by dissertation only unless otherwise specified.

Admission requirements

We are privileged to say that our selection process is very competitive, and the minimum entrance requirements are detailed below: 

  • An honours degree or NQF 8 equivalent marketing qualification (with an average mark of at least 65% for all the subjects); 
  • An honours level (NQF 8 - minimum of 30 credits) Marketing Research course (65% minimum final mark); and
  • An undergraduate degree specialising in the Marketing discipline or an NQF 7 equivalent. 

Application process

If this is an avenue you are interested in following, you can apply online under the "full-time studies" tab, even though you can do your master's part-time.

 You will need the following for your application (please also refer to UCT’s Directions for Postgraduate Applicants for a complete list of compulsory documents/requirements): 

  • Certified academic transcripts.
  • Evidence of previous academic writing (e.g., honours research project or a peer-reviewed conference paper, etc.).
  • A research proposal in the topic/area that you are interested in pursuing, including the following sections (maximum of 10 pages from Introduction to Conclusion): Introduction, Problem Statement, Research Question, Objectives and Hypotheses, Rationale and Motivation, Literature Review, Research Methodology, Conclusion, and Bibliography (Note that the proposal document might change or be refined depending on the supervisor that you are assigned to upon successful application).
  • International students might be required to provide additional documents, for example, proof of language proficiency. Please refer to UCT’s Directions for Postgraduate Applicants for details.
  • A motivation letter. 
  • A statement on how you plan to fund your studies.

Questions that students usually ask us include whether they can complete this Master's degree part-time and whether they must be based in Cape Town to undertake the Master's degree at UCT.

A student can do it part-time, and you do not have to be based in Cape Town if you are happy to meet with your supervisor via Skype/telecom, etc. It is, however, compulsory to be present at UCT (in person) at the beginning of your degree for registration and to present and defend your proposal to a panel of academics. Still, the remainder of your contact time is up to you and your supervisor to finalise.

For more information, please refer to the Commerce Postgraduate Handbook