Why choose to study a Bachelor of Commerce Honours specialising in Marketing [CH001BUS07]?

The BCom Honours specialising in Marketing introduces students to theories, techniques and business thinking underlying modern marketing. Students will gain in-depth knowledge of market and marketing planning techniques in a strategic environment.

As the environment shifts and changes in the marketplace, some organisations drive further change internally, while others adapt to the external environment. Whichever path the organisation takes, marketers must develop competencies in strategic analysis, opportunity recognition through innovation, creation of a sustainable competitive advantage and understanding competitive strategies both locally and globally.

This degree equips students with a specific understanding of the following challenges that marketers face in the contemporary, highly competitive, technological, and data-driven business environment:

  • market analysis, and identifying market and marketing opportunities
  • identifying and targeting attractive market segments
  • implementing effective marketing strategies that deliver additional value for customers and create a sustainable competitive advantage

Career prospects

Graduates of this degree will be well-equipped for a wide variety of marketing-related roles across all industries, including product manager, brand manager, social media marketing manager, market researcher, marketing consultant, account manager, sales representative, business analyst, customer relationship manager, advertising and public relations manager. 

After completing the BCom Honours, graduates may also apply to pursue a research-based Master’s degree in Marketing by dissertation only.

Entrance requirements

There are limited places on the degree, and admission is based on merit. Entrance is at the discretion of the Admissions Committee and meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee entrance.

The minimum admissions requirements are:

  • A Bachelor of Commerce with a major in Marketing,


  • An NQF level 7 qualification with majors in Marketing Management.

Applicants must have obtained a minimum of 65% in their final year undergraduate Marketing Management courses.

Prescribed curriculum structure

The courses total 120 credits. All courses are compulsory.
The degree is offered over one year, full-time and begins in February. Submission of the research report is in late October.

Course code and name NQF credits HEQSF level
BUS4109W Advanced Strategic Marketing 72 8
BUS4110F Marketing Research Methods 18 8
BUS4111H Marketing Research Report 30 8

The application deadline is 31 October of the year preceding the study.

Apply online. Please note that applicants must submit academic transcripts. Alternatively, please contact us if you have any queries about the degree.

For more information on the courses, please refer to the Commerce Postgraduate Handbook.