Webinar: The Role of Excise Taxation in Reducing Tobacco Use in Sub-Saharan Africa

15 Aug 2023
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15 Aug 2023

REEP is pleased to present an online research dissemination workshop: The Role of Excise Taxation in Reducing Tobacco Use in Sub-Saharan Africa

Increasing the excise tax is the single most effective tobacco control intervention, yet it is not used effectively in many countries. Tobacco taxes in Africa are the lowest of all continents. This workshop is aimed at representatives from government, civil society, and academic institutions interested in learning about new evidence on the important role that tax policy can play in reducing tobacco use in sub-Saharan Africa.

This online workshop will be delivered via Zoom, in English and French. Attendance is free of charge. Attendees will obtain a detailed breakdown of a new evidence-base that supports implementation of WHO FCTC-compliant tobacco tax systems and raising excise taxes on tobacco products.

Access the full advert and read it in French.

Please register to attend before 1 November 2023.

NOTE: TOBACCO INDUSTRY AFFILIATION: Persons employed in the tobacco and nicotine product industry (i.e. cigarettes, cigar, chewing tobacco, e-cigarettes and non-tobacco nicotine) or by companies wholly or partially owned by a commercial tobacco product manufacturer are ineligible to participate in this webinar.