Examining the impact of tobacco pricing and packaging strategies on tobacco use and equity in middle-income countries

REEP researchers: Corné van Walbeek, Hana Ross, Nicole Vellios, Zachary Gitonga, Grieve Chelwa, Alfred Mukong, Abel Nyagwachi

Project partners: McMaster University, Universidad del Rosaario, Healthbridge Vietnam, Universidad Adolfo Ibanez, Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Ecuador, Banco Central del Ecuador

Consortium: Global Alliance for Chronic Diseases

SA team funded by: IDRC and SA MRC 

Study location: South Africa, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, and Vietnam

Duration: 5 years (2018 – 2022)

We are studying the impact of tobacco prices on smoking onset, smoking cessation, and tobacco consumption in South Africa, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, and Vietnam. The effects of both tax and retail price are being analysed according to their effect by socioeconomic status, sex, and age. We are investigating the impact of plain cigarette packaging on cigarette demand using a Discrete Choice Experiment in each country. The tobacco industry claims that tobacco taxes harm vulnerable populations and lead to increased use of illicit cigarettes and that packaging policies are ineffective. Evidence from this research grant will address these claims with the aim of influencing tax policy and tobacco product labelling practices in middle-income countries with the goal of ultimately preventing ill health and deaths caused by tobacco use.

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Publications by global team

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