Data on Aliments, Tobacco and Alcohol (DATA) in Africa Project

The Data on Aliments Tobacco and Alcohol (DATA) in Africa Project is funded by the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) and conducted by the Economics of Tobacco Control Project (ETCP) in collaboration with DataFirst, at the University of Cape Town. The project seeks to collect, archive and disseminate alcohol, food- and tobacco-related time series and cross-sectional economic data. The aim is to provide a single point of access for researchers interested in alcohol, food and tobacco policies in Africa. The DATA Project works to establish relationships with statistical authorities in sub-Saharan Africa to promote open access to their data and to increase the utilisation of existing data for research and policymaking. Apart from data collected by the Project, we help make alcohol, food and tobacco data from African countries more visible, through sharing their metadata on our site. We give access to data that would otherwise not be available in DataFirst’s Secure Research Data Centre. Researchers can find additional economic data related to alcohol, food, and tobacco by conducting a variable-level keyword search on DataFirst's data site.

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