2 November 2023: The Role of Excise Taxation in Reducing Tobacco Use in Sub-Saharan Africa: 

An online research dissemination workshop on "Evidence from the Global Adult Tobacco Survey & Global Youth Tobacco Survey"

  1. Cigarette Prices and Smoking Among Adults in Eight Sub-Saharan African Countries Presented by Samantha Filby
  2. Cigarette Prices and Smoking Among Youth in 16 African Countries Presented by Corné Van Walbeek
  3. Cigarette excise tax structure and cigarette prices in nine sub-Saharan African countries Presented by Liping Pan
  4. A cross-country study of cigarette prices, affordability and smoking outcomes using survey data from sub-Saharan African countries Presented by Samantha Filby

These research products were created through a research partnership funded by the Bloomberg Initiative to Reduce Tobacco Use through the CDC Foundation with a grant from Bloomberg Philanthropies. 

8-12 July 2019: Public Economics Capacity Building Programme Winter School

Corné van Walbeek, Sam Filby, and Laura Rossouw attended and taught at the Government Technical Advisory Centre (GTAC – an agency of National Treasury) Public Economics Capacity Building Programme Winter School. They contributed to the “Taxes, user charges and behavioural change” stream, giving presentations on sugar, tobacco, and alcohol tax policies in South Africa and globally:

2019: Illicit Trade presentations:

27 May 2015: SALDRU Seminar

Corné van Walbeek, Evan Blecher, Hana Ross and Nicole Vellios presented "About the Economics of Tobacco Control Project" as part of a SALDRU presentation.

2012: 15th World Conference on Tobacco or Health, Singapore

2012: World Bank/SADC Conference, Gaborone

South African experience with tobacco taxation: Lessons learned and relevance for SADC