Learning the principles of financial analysis and investing can help ensure the success of your business and contribute to the growth of your personal portfolio. Build skills in investment management and financial modelling with one of these online short courses, and earn a certificate of completion from the University of Cape Town.

Sound investing requires an understanding of the financial industry as a whole, alongside a grasp of fundamental concepts such as risk and return diversification, the time value of money, and compounding. Skills in this area empower you to navigate the increasingly complex economic and financial landscape while making informed and responsible investment decisions. No matter your financial background or the scale of your portfolio, investment management knowledge can help you achieve your financial goals on your own or alongside a financial advisor. Finance professionals can also benefit from continuous learning in investing by enhancing their understanding of new, exciting asset classes such as cryptocurrencies and growing their knowledge of offshore investing, financial markets, economic effects, and investment products.

Each business has unique financial characteristics, and it is important to think critically about the situation at hand and evaluate various financial strategies. Financial modelling and analysis combine accounting, finance, and business metrics. The process entails creating a summary of a company’s expenses, earnings, and prospective financial trajectory. Financial forecasting can then be applied using various models and tools to predict and manage a business's financial performance, conduct a corporate valuation, or compare an organisation to its competitors.

The skills to build and analyse financial models serve current and aspiring financial professionals at all levels of a business. The practical applications of Excel-based financial modelling prove invaluable in a wide range of contexts, from starting or managing a small business to making high-level decisions as a company executive. An online short course can equip you with the financial modelling tools that provide a necessary overview of the financial performance of a business, asset, portfolio, or project. The ability to gather insights from a robust financial analysis can steer strategy and ultimately increase shareholder wealth.

Knowledge of investment management, financial modelling, and analysis can support your career growth or help you reach your personal wealth goals. Whether you are an experienced financial professional or just starting on your own finance journey, a UCT online short course can equip you with practical and immediately applicable skills.