A variety of resources have been listed to help you on your journey as a postgraduate student in the Faculty of Commerce.

Postgraduate research in Commerce

Useful postgraduate resources

Important note: Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)/Progress and Planned Activity Report (PPA)

All postgraduate students who are eligible to register for a dissertation must complete the MoU/PPA with their allocated dissertation supervisors before they can complete their registration. The MoU/PPA is completed online, on PeopleSoft, as part of the online registration process. Please download the guide: Completing the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)/Progress and Planned Activity (PPA) on PeopleSoft for Students.

A hold will be placed on your registration until the MoU/PPA is approved. You must, therefore, allow adequate time to work with your supervisor to develop your MoU/PPA so that your MoU/PPA block can be removed and your registration can be completed before the registration cut-off date.

IT Services

For IT assistance, Commerce students can email the Commerce IT Helpdesk.