2024 Change of Curriculum deadline dates
Download the Change of Curriculum Notice 2024 for the dates for curriculum changes. The deadline for change of curriculum changed to 23 February 2024 as per the communication: Amended deadlines due to Council decision on fee debt

Please view the Change of Curriculum form (ACA09) here. It is your responsibility to establish the consequences of the changes you wish to make.

These could include:

  • fee changes (please consult the Student Fees Handbook)
  • timetable changes
  • changes in eligibility for readmission
  • changes in eligibility for graduation
  • changes in funding eligibility
  • changes to your overall duration of study

Note: Do not use this form to cancel your UCT registration. Please use the Cancellation of the registration form (ACA08).


  • Complete the form when applying for the following change of curriculum:
    • Change of Programme / Specialisation / Major
    • Change of Faculty
    • Withdrawal or Addition of courses
  • If selecting either section 2A Change of Programme / Specialisation / Major or section 2B Change of Faculty, then section 2C Withdraw / Add a course must be completed as well.
  • Curriculum changes are subject to strict deadlines dates, and penalties may apply. Please refer to the Change of Curriculum Notice 2024 for the dates.  
  • If you are currently receiving funding, ensure you consult with your funder before applying for your proposed curriculum changes regarding the impact on your continued eligibility for funding. See Financial Aid / Sponsor information.
  • Your form must be submitted on PeopleSoft using the service-request function. For instructions on using service requests, see: Change Curriculum page on Vula.
  • If you cannot upload it to PeopleSoft, you should approach the Faculty Office.
  • You do not need to get it signed by an advisor before uploading it. The advisor will approve it in PeopleSoft.
  • Monitor your service requests in PeopleSoft to see any comments from your curriculum advisor.
  • The service-request status will be changed to “accepted” when approved.
  • Please allow three or four working days for this to take place. Your transcript will then be updated.
  • Check your updated enrollment changes in Student Administration Self Service within 72 hours and report any discrepancy to the Faculty Office immediately.

Late changes, if permitted, are subject to a penalty. See General Rules and Policies Handbook (Rule G 14 and G 13.1) or consult your Faculty Office for deadline dates and fee implications.

Financial Aid/Sponsor information

Curriculum changes or taking a leave of absence has funding implications. You are required to consult your funder, before the completion of this form, regarding the impact on your continued eligibility for funding. NSFAS and UCT Student Financial Aid does not allow students to change their programme of study without prior approval. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have consulted and received approval from your sponsor regarding changes to your studies.

Student Administration Self Service

Access Student Administration Self Service to print your academic record and attach it to this application form. The academic record contains your registration information currently held on the UCT Student System. Remember to keep your data, including addresses and telephone numbers, updated via Student Administration Self Service. Any queries about this information should be directed to your Faculty office.

Changing a Programme/Specialisation/Major

Add in the Programme code and Specialisation. For example, CB001ACC04. This is obtainable from the Faculty Handbooks.

Withdrawal and Addition of courses

Credit information can be obtained from the Faculty Handbooks. Class numbers are available from Faculty Office Notice Boards. Departmental signatures are required for the withdrawal and the Addition of courses. 

Declarations by student and advisor

Check all information carefully and sign the form yourself. Ensure that your Programme Convener / Curriculum Advisor has also signed the form. The Advisor/Convenor must indicate your Academic Year of Study (AYOS).