Step 1: Download the Shopping List for your degree and specialisation

  1. Click on BCom or BBusSc Mainstream, Augmented or Extended below to select your degree.
  2. Navigate to your degree specialisation on the drop-down list.
  3. Click on your degree specialisation to download your Curriculum List.

Purpose and Use of the Curriculum List
The Curriculum List is a guiding document to select your courses. It provides information on items to make it easier for you to search for these on the system at Step 12 of the Registration Activity Guide. The Curriculum List denotes the course code, course title, class numbers, and time/day information to enable you to build your curriculum without clashes. Most students do not need to complete the form or have it signed, as you will do it all on the system. The signature spaces have been included for cases where the department or specific programmes require the form to be used (you will be informed if you need to complete the form).

Bachelor of Commerce


Step 2: Download your Student Registration Activity Guide

Download the Undergraduate Student Registration Activity Guide. The guide will help you complete the steps when registering online on PeopleSoft.

Step 3: Register online on PeopleSoft

  1. Log onto PeopleSoft.
  2. Open the Undergraduate Student Registration Activity Guide you downloaded in Step 2. Use the guide to help you complete each step.
  3. Complete Steps 1 to 11.
  4. At Step 12: My Courses, remember to open the Curriculum List you downloaded in Step 1.
    • Use your Curriculum List to help you add your 2024 courses to your cart.
    • The Commerce Undergraduate Handbook will guide you on the required courses for your academic year of study.
  5. Once you have finished adding your courses, submitted, requested approval, and then created your service request, you need to wait for a faculty staff member to review the details. During this time, your registration status will be Decision Pending.
  6. Once your registration has been checked, you will receive an email advising your registration status.
    • The email will either approve your registration, or you will need to log back in and make changes as per the instructions.
    • If you have Final Approval Status, your registration is not yet complete. You still need to log back in, select all courses and enrol to complete Step 12.
  7. You then need to complete Steps 13 and 14 to finalise your registration.